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The CanCon Umbrackathon Oct 2022




When (2022)

Fri 21st Oct

Sat 22nd Oct

The hackathon has now finished 😢 But you can still visit our pumpkin patch guestbook to see who attended!

Welcome to the 'CanCon and friends' Hacktoberfest Umbrackathon: a two day online hackathon hosted by us, Umbraco HQ and other community members. There is no fixed agenda: people are welcome to spend their time how they want, such as:

  • Getting the Umbraco CMS source code running locally to fix a bug
  • Enhancing the Umbraco documentation
  • Developing/releasing a package
  • Writing a blog post (no-code contributions are eligible for Hacktoberfest 2022)
  • Just popping by to say hello whilst having a cuppa!

We aim to create a relaxed and friendly environment for people to share ideas, seek inspiration, get guidance, find collaborators, or just have some company whilst hacking away...

Scroll down to see any specific scheduled times. When no scheduled session is happening we shall be encouraging 'quiet times' to enable people to stay focused. We can always arrange breakout rooms, or use Discord, for collaborative working. The finish time each day will depend on how long people want to stay.

The hackathon is being held over Zoom: you need to sign up to get the link. We shall also be chatting over in Umbraco HQ's Discord server in the #hacktoberfest channel.

We expect lots of friendly conversations and collaborations, but also some periods of quiet achievement. So don't worry if you join the Zoom call and nobody is talking, please turn your video on and say hello: we'll say hello back! We want everyone to feel welcomed, just as we would if you walked into an in-person event!

If it's your first time at an Umbraco hackathon, or you're not sure how to spend your time, then either ask the folks on Zoom or Discord, or read the HQ blog post for their list of suggested Hacktoberfest activities.

We hope that everyone who attends has fun and achieves whatever they set out to (or even more!). If we can help you in any way then please do reach out on Zoom, on Discord, or on Twitter.

Happy Hacktoberfest Hacking!

Scheduled Sessions

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